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Dog With White Ribbon — Anna, TX — Cold Springs Animal HospitalAccurate Animal Diagnostics

When your dog, cat, or horse is feeling under the weather, you may need to bring them to a veterinary clinic for a diagnostic test. At Cold Springs Animal Hospital, we provide accurate and thorough animal diagnostic services for small animals and horses. Dr. David Fazzino and Dr. Cindy Fazzino have many years of experience and provide pet lovers with the highest quality of animal care in Anna, TX. No matter what condition your animal is in, you can trust that our team will do everything we can to make sure your pet gets healthy and strong again. For more information or to book an appointment, dial 903-482-0573 today. Our friendly staff will be happy to speak with you and help you with all your animal needs and questions.

Our Animal Diagnostic Services

If you suspect that your pet is feeling under the weather, bring them to our vet clinic to check the well-being of your animal. Sometimes, your animal may need to get an ultrasound or blood work to diagnose the health condition of your pet accurately. We provide in-house blood work and radiology services for dogs, cats, and horses.


  • Looks at the Function of Animals Body Organs
  • Check Immune System
  • Check for Disease
  • Check for Worms
  • Identify Potential Problems before Anaesthetic Use

Call to Book an Appointment

If your your animal needs to see Dr. Fazzino, please call 903-482-0573 today to book an appointment. Our veterinary clinic is here to help your animal get to feeling better. We treat your pets as if it were our own, so you can trust that we will do everything we can to ensure your animal receives a treatment that is tailored to their specific needs.